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We have received tons of awesome testimonials

Thank you for having me on board for the Gift Wrapping session! Absolutely loved it ???? Everything was so well organised and well coordinated, from smallest to bigger details. So so so happy that I was on board with team Workshoppal!!

Pooja Chaudhary

Minakshi I loved your work shop a lot today..... it was so good. The examples you used had such a great variety and beautiful combinations and of course they were extremely innovative and so simple to understand!!!! Hats off to the analogies you used made stuff so very very easy to grab absorb and soak in thank you for this wonderful experience very satisfying I’m going to be so variant powered by the tomorrow’s workshop. My sincere thanks to both of you at workshoppal & Meenakshi who have such an awesome touch. Stay blessed and may your efforts be appreciated in joyed by all your clients as much as I do looking forward to such more sessions with you guys.

Pooja K Chaudhary

Excellent workshop... Team workshoppal and Sadhika! I always believed I am a non-artistic person without the knack of creativity I was bit sceptical honestly enrolling for the workshop but the workshop was nothing short of magical for me thoroughly enjoy learning on this article and working with her during the entire time. My belief has changed and honestly there are no blockage and limitations to artistic creativity there is no right and wrong another important thing. Wonderful investment, every which way - be it time energy or money! Team Workshoppal ensured all the minute as well as major details of coordination etc were perfect. Could not have asked for more ..